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Lead your patients to optimal health with comprehensive diagnostic services.

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Income Generation

Because we’re mobile, Wellness Pros USA can provide on site, “in your office” diagnostic testing for medical practices and physicians. Our presence in your office ensures maximum patient convenience. For each day we lease space in your office and test your patients, your practice earns additional revenue.

Low Cost- High Reward

Set up a day of testing for your patients with no obligation. We have been amongst the first in the industry to provide qualified medical technologists direct to physician’s offices for purposes of testing patients with the latest, “Cutting Edge”, medical equipment. These tests provide the ordering doctor with comprehensive data for a proper diagnosis. We manage the entire process.

Improved Patient Experience

Offer additional services and optimize patient health without increasing cost. With our services, you can order ultrasounds, transcranial doppler or nerve conduction velocity studies in the comfort of your own office. Our radiologists, cardiologists, and neurologists who interpret the scans have many years of expertise to give both the patient and ordering doctor peace of mind in knowing the testing helps bring the most precise diagnosis possible.

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